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Craig Meyer

Music Teacher, Expert

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Craig has been teaching guitar, bass, ukelele, banjo and mandolin to individuals of all ages for more than 20 years. Originally from the Chicago area, he attended Northern Illinois University, Kishwakee Valley College, and Waubonsee Community College. In addition to playing and listening to music he enjoys drawing, painting and spending time with his wife and children. He began his musical career playing trumpet in concert, marching, and jazz band in grade and high school. In high school he also began playing guitar in the school’s jazz band. More recently he has played guitar and been the singer for a rock band. Craig specializes in teaching rock, jazz, blues, classical, and folk music. He believes that each student should strive to be a good musician so he focuses his lesson on developing the student’s ear, reading music, improving technical skills, learning lots of songs, and having fun.  He loves creating music and exploring new sounds and sharing his musical discoveries and techniques with others.

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