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Teaches Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute

I worry if a teacher shows my child 'the one and only correct method' to do something and insists that all the children do it that way instead of letting each child discover her or his own method.    -Duerk

We must recognize student receptivity and readiness in our pedagogy. 

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Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute



I've been teaching saxophone, clarinet, flute and piano for over four decades and I love it...All ages, all levels, most musical styles, reading, and improvisation.  The longer I teach, the more fun and interesting it becomes!

For the middle school and high school student, I can help with chair tests and graded playing tests, success in the school band experience, and help with any solo and ensemble event or All State events.

For the ambitious future music major, I can help with the study of professional literature, preparing auditions and mastery of technique, theory, and tone studies.

For those mystified or frustrated with jazz improvisation, I am living proof that it CAN be taught and we can become excellent at it!!!

For the young student who is curious about music study, we can explore seasonal music, holiday music, celebrate birthday and family events through music, and together enjoy the process of learning tunes in a festive way.

Some of my former students are professional musicians and band directors. Many are still playing in bands and ensembles around the country. 

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