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Teaches Bass Guitar, Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele

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Bass Guitar, Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele

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11 years

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Hi. I’m Daniel Steven Broome. I am the bass teacher here at Music and Arts in Johns Creek. My musical experience covers multiple years and a few different instruments. I started this life-long musical endeavor like all kids banging on pots and pans in my mother’s kitchen Yet no one in my family was a musician, with the exception of a “mysterious” grandfather whom i am told was a jazz guitarist, I always remember my mom playing everything from old Motown records to early Country and Western, while my father played quite a bit of Blues, Jazz and Classical. He also loves Do Wop, and I believe he and my mother had a great ear for music. Growing up and although not yet a musician I deep felt a connection to all those amazing sounds.  

Fast forward a few years and it wasn’t until at the suggestion of some school friends I should join the middle school band.  As it turns out, drums and percussion are some great instruments and that would be my instruments of choice up until college. I was a professional drummer right out of high school for a number of years so got to see a working musicians life at a pretty early age. I had intended start playing bass guitar in college to learn more about drums and how work together. It wasn't long before I fell in love and found what I was looking for this whole time. 

Fast forward even a few more years to present day, after studying at KSU  for 2 years and graduating from the Atlanta Institute of Music, I have been a profession bassist for about 15 years playing a variety of studio and live sessions from pop to straight ahead jazz, festivals, endless club dates, countless corporate events and weddings, a few live FOX news TV Christmas specials, I've been on a Jazz album with AIM guitar department head Bill Hart and grammy nominated Mike Stern, I’ve recorded bass guitar tracks for a children's story book, I was lucky enough to be part of a group formed from Little Richards’s dancers and i got to “open” or “warm up” a packed house for him at the Macon Coliseum a few years ago. Being a huge R&B and Motown fan it was one the most personal “pinch me, this can’t be real” moments of my life,  and although I have toured a little, I like to keep close to home. I have been teaching bass guitar professionally for 11 years and I do it solely because outside of music I love kids. I donate my time currently and historically. I was part of the US mentor program from troubled teens through out my high school and college days. I have worked with a few local non profit’s for kids playing bass, drums, and sometimes just chaperoning! Music is such a deep rooted part of humanity, and I have taught so many kids and adults over the years and that has been an honor to put back into the human experience, or put more simply the smiles on people faces when they learn something they too love. That moment for a child or adult alike of “hey,. wait… i CAN do this” transcends any lesson ever taught.

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