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Hi, I'm Dan and I'm the manager of the Music & Arts in Cary, NC. I've been playing all kinds of music for a solid 17 years and have played all around North Carolina with various groups and musicians.

I starting playing/ learning music when I was about ten. The drums always fascinated me even at a young age. I started with piano lessons, which is a good place to get a foundation and a generalization of how music works. I then moved to drums very quickly, then bass, and then guitar.

 I use a Pacific drum set made by DW, Mienl cymbals, Evans heads, Pro-mark sticks and DW pedals. I like Ibanez basses and Eastman guitars. Although I am a drummer at heart, I've been playing fretted instruments for ten years. I also have my Associate degree in Audio Engineering so, I'm here to assist you with all of your audio, guitar, bass, and drum needs.  

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