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Daniel Salazar ‚Äčis a classical guitarist based in the San Gabriel Valley.  He has studied with Stephen Jones at Pasadena City College, where he was awarded the Pasadena City College Guitar Ensemble Award and has been invited to perform in the honors recital three out of the four eligible semesters. He had the opportunity to travel to Granada, Spain to take part in the CSU Summer Arts program called “La Guitarra Española”, and attend classes from various masters of the Spanish guitar. Daniel has been playing the guitar for over 10 years. He has been performed in a variety of venues throughout California from Westerbeck recital hall in Pasadena to San Carlos Beach Park in Monterey. 
Music theory is an important topic for Daniel. It is the foundation that can hold up the building blocks of a solid musician. Just like cement, music takes to retain its strength and it’s why Daniel is patient and adaptive. The longevity of his career has allowed him to learn various teaching styles which can help multiple types of learners. Daniel has worked with hundreds of students at Pasadena City College by becoming the classical guitar tutor for all the beginning, intermediate and advanced classical guitar programs under Stephen Jones.
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