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I have a Bachelor's of Music in Piano Performance from Bob Jones University.  I've also attained my Master's from Converse College and my Doctorate from USC.  Throughout my years of performing experience I've done work as a pianist, organist, as well as a conductor.  I have taught at Converse College and Spartanburg Community College.  Also, I've done extensive work at USC over the past 10 years as a music instructor, piano instructor, and as a conductor.  I feel comfortable taking advanced players, but complete beginners and everyone in between are welcome and I invite you to learn music with me.

Few activities engage the mind as does music.  Learning to play a musical instrument can be rewarding and very challenging at the same time.  As a piano instructor, I strive to make the learning process as easy as possible.  I try to engage students through an accessible teaching style while imparting to them the importance and rewards of dedication and consistent practice.


Columbia Music & Arts 803-462-6030 COLUMBIA SC