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Flute, Music Theory

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Hi.  David Markowitz here.  Notes about me are below.  First, let me invite you to study the flute with me.  What I like most is helping every student feel that no moment they devote to music is wasted.  Else why do it?

I teach all kinds of students: those who don’t know just why the flute appeals to them (that’s most beginners) and those who have a very specific goal.  I can help you develop a solid foundation or coach you in subtle expressive details of performance.
All my students are creative students.  They improvise and compose; if they interpret, they play from the heart, with understanding, and creatively.
Music is an art led by the ears, primarily the internal world of sound in our imaginations.  My students get away from the printed page as soon as possible. Music comes from within us. Anyway, there is no better discipline than music for improving memory.  We move from teacher-student duets to ensembles with fellow students and sitting in with local musicians.
My students are encouraged to bring in fellow students to lessons, as well as family, friends, neighbors, etc.
As for me: I studied classical music at Oberlin College and Yale School of Music.  I expanded into jazz and began composing in 2017, focused on music for solo flute and flute ensembles.  I have written flute duo arrangements of rock’n’roll and Bulgarian choral music -- anything that gives me chills or moves me to tears (or both) is fair game.
In 2020 I will be collaborating on original music with the town of Mt. Kisco, NY, a process that will culminate in a public concert.
Related to music (isn’t everything?), I write poetry and fiction, illustrate my stories, and cook up a storm.   
Hablo español.
Je parle français (“Every flutist should speak French.” -- Ransom Wilson.)
Я говорю по-русски.
Falo português.
More languages coming soon.  Never stop learning!
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