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About David

My name is David, a dedicated and passionate music educator, thrilled for the opportunity to teach anyone and everyone!

I started playing trumpet when I was about ten years old, and if you’ll believe it, I actually hated it at first.  Long story short, I stuck with it and have had many opportunities and experiences playing with various ensembles and jazz bands through school and other organizations.  Throughout my experience, I ventured into playing other brass instruments as well, playing French horn, euphonium, and trombone in wind ensembles.

I am a current student at University of Missouri – St. Louis, getting my bachelor’s in music education and my teacher certification.

In our lessons, we work on refining playing and practice technique, that way, students have the “tools” they need to learn and practice on their own.  We also study music theory, music history, and various genres of music from classical to jazz, and even some pop!  My goal for every student is not just to become the best player they can be, but to realize the power and the joy music can have!

I hope to see you in the future so we can make great music together!

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