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Beginning through Advanced, let's go to your next level. 

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Bodhran, Djembe, Drum Kit, Asalato/Kashaka

About David Tuinenga

David has been teaching professionally for 18 years. Offering lessons on all styles of drumset performance. (Rock, Jazz, Latin, R&B, Pop, Country, Progressive, etc...)  Teaching tradditional and matched-grip hand techniques (French & German) along with various heel-up and heel-down pedal strategies. 

"I approach percussion -especially drum kit- as an athletic endeavor. In a way, it's a dance. A sacred order of moving the body to create the art. Space is our canvas, sound is our pigment, and we are the brush."

His curriculum ranges from music theory fundamentals in the time-honored classic "Progressive Steps to Syncopation" to such groundbreaking advanced works as; Rick Latham's "Advanced Funk Studies", Gary Chester's "A New Breed" and John Riley's "The Art of Bop Drumming"

In more recent years, David has explored the world of percussion outside of the traditional modern drum kit. He offers lessons on Bongo, Cajone, Baoule/Dondo, Djembe, Bodhran and Asalato/Kashaka.

"Beginning through Advanced, let's go to your next level."

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