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Post Punk, Contemporary Folk, new wave and industrial, Jazz and Classical, Experimental and Avant Garde Music

Favorite Bands

Xiu Xiu, Sun Kil Moon, The Microphones, The Smashing Pumpkins, American Football, The Cure, Slint, Brian Eno, Of Montreal, John Zorn's Naked City, The velvet Underground, Joni MItchell, The Pop Group


Guitar, Amplifiers & Effects


Senior Sales Associate

About Me

My name is Derrick, and I am a big music fanatic. As a young lad I did orchestra and now guitar for almost three years, mostly covers of personal favorites and some orginals. Ive obessed/researched over all things guitar related in the process too (guitar brands, amps, pedals, etc). If you are in need of a new guitar or have any guitar related questions, come on in, for id love to help you find your first guitar or if you just want to talk about muisc in general.

p.s I also speak spanish


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