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Favorite Bands

Jimmy Hendrix, Bring Me The Horizon, Marty Friedman, Pierce The Veil

Favorite Instruments

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar

Specialties / Genres Taught

Rock 'n' Roll, Metal, Classic Rock, Hard Rock


Senior Sales Associate

Plans are nothing; planning is everything. - Dwight D. Eisenhower

About Me

Hey there!

Thanks for checking out my page! I am a music fanatic that has been playing guitar since middle school and playing the radio well before that! I enjoy playing and listening to a diverse musical selection from classical to heavy metal and everything in between. I love learning as much as I can about instruments as well as music theory. I love to experiment with different guitar/amp/pedal combinations to achieve the killer tones I aim for. Check out my gear list and see what I'm working with, maybe you will see something that sparks your interest and we can talk about it! Come on down and chat with me at our store located in The Latham Farms Plaza in Latham, NY!

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