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Teaches Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Jazz Improvisation, Banjo, Mandolin

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Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Jazz Improvisation, Banjo, Mandolin

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M.A. in Education from Hunter College. Studied with Brazil Ronzitti. 28 years performance experience.



I started my first band when I was still in elementary school.  It wasn't long before I was actually making a little money playing at dances.  My first passion was guitar.  When I was in High School I discovered the wonders of fingerstyle guitar mostly through the influence of Jim Messina.  I started piano lessons at fourteen with a fantastic teacher who gave me a strong foundation in music theory.  While in High School, I learned how to double on bass and drums and played many jobs with my High School music teacher Jim Crumbly.  This gave me a window into more R and B, and black gospel influences.  I was always interested in writing my own songs and music.  By the time I was 15, I had composed my own rendition of Handel's Messiah.  I have long been interested in putting sacred Scripture to music and have expanded this vision to putting whole books of the Bible to music.  These can be heard on my website Unique to my teaching style is the ability to teach modern piano by stressing the chord structures.  Having a Masters in Education, I always try to break things down into the simplest terms.    


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