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Dorian - Drum set/Percussion


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Drum Set, Percussion


Bachelors of Arts in Music Education (Hampton University)

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Currently Studying for a Masters in Music at Hampton University (December 2020)

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Cumulative of  10+ years of Marching Band and Drum Set through Crittenden Middle School (student; 3 years). Heritage High School (student and teaching; 4 yrs.), Hampton University (as a student; Marching Band 4 yrs., Jazz Band 4 yrs., Jazz Combos 3 yrs., Orchestra 2 yrs., Pep Band 3yrs. Symphonic Winds/ Concert Band 4 yrs.), and other community/honoring performance opportunities (10+ yrs.)


            As a future educator, I believe my method or manner as a teacher is the conduit of confidence. Teachers are the influencers and motivators that promote the acceptance and continuation of learning in each student; to push the boundaries of expectations in all fields. When students apply themselves to any task with confidence, they are more vulnerable and accepting with integrating themselves into the work rather than passively completing a task. This fosters a better relationship with academia, increases the likelihood of a career pursuit in the future, and later life success as they learn to navigate and adapt without fear or hesitation. Although this is not the absolute job of an educator, we can aid in this development process if we properly engage and connect with our students; both within curriculum and in the personal/social setting, respectfully . 

            In terms of teaching strategies, mine would depend on the grade level and comprehensive abilities of the students. Since I intend to teach music, our teaching is expected to adjust circumstantially. One method I would use for private lesson instruction is the Suzuki Instructional method. This method emphasizes parent involvement, early music training, encouragement, and much repetition in playing (Suzuki Association of the Americas, 2018, Every Child Can Learn). I would have a teacher-centered approach if I am teaching from PreK-12 in a public-school setting. These ages are when students are “empty vessels” (Teaching Methods, 2018, para. 4) and need heavy influence. This is because students are required to meet certain standards (SOLs), so focus on memorization and retention is needed. However, if dealing with private schooling or at the college/university level, I would have a student-centered approach. This is because of the level of maturity and the difference in standards, where the focus for student development differs per student, but overall emphasizes a controlled personal and individual growth.

            Naturally I could see myself as The Facilitator, which “promotes self-learning and helps students develop critical thinking skills”, or The Hybrid, which “blends the teacher’s personality and interest with students’ needs and curriculum-appropriate methods.” (Gill, 2018, What is Your Teaching Style? 5 Effective Teaching Methods for Your Classroom). I say this because those methods are naturally how I am as a person; I love to gauge the growth and development of the youth to better understand the changes in interpretation overtime. Additionally, it is the cultivation of these creative ideas that spark more intellectuals into the world to make change.

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