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Hi there! I'm Eli. My passion for music has brought me to the Littleton Music & Arts location where I can be surrounded by instruments, print, and other like-minded individuals who also love music. I've been playing guitar since the 7th grade, and played concerts all over Denver with my high-school punk band. After high school, I began playing at open mics and a concert here and there as a solo acoustic guitar act. I love to write my own songs and I absolutely love improvisation as well. I play a Watson Stratacaster, an ESP Viper-350, and an Ibanez acoustic. Hoping to aquire an Ibanez Floyd Rose electric guitar and a Les Paul at some point as well!

After high school I began my studies Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, CO. I am currently studying for a Music Audio Tech degree. I love the techie side of music almost as much as I love music itself. Learning about microphones, recording, DAWs, mixing, producing, live sound, and more all excites me. As of this year I have begun diving into the guitar itself, learning about pickups, the different body structures, different woods, and the wiring and how that all effects the tone and timbre of the instrument. 

Shoot me an email if you want to talk about anything guitar or music tech oriented! 

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