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Liz H.


Teaches Piano, Flute

I think one of the great things about being a musician is that you never stop learning. ~Yo-Yo Ma

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Teaches at:
Areas of Instruction

Piano, Flute

Current Projects

Suzuki Training, Suzuki: Piano Training, Suzuki: Flute Training


Major - Bachelor of Arts in Music, Plymouth State University, 2015 Cum Laude (PSU)

Favorite Instruments

Piano, Flute

Languages Spoken

American Sign Language

Levels Taught

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Musical Interests

Classical piano, Jazz, Modern, Pop, Baroque, World Music

Performance Experience

Flute Choir, Piano Ensemble, Jazz Band, MCMS Flute Choir, Music Director PUMC, Choir BHS

Specialties / Genres Taught

Pop, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary, Suzuki

Teaching Experience

Traditional Flute/Piano: 2011-present, Suzuki Piano Unit 1: August 2016-present, Suzuki Piano Unit 2: Spring 2018-present, Suzuki Piano Unit 3: Spring 2019-present, Suzuki Flute Unit 1: August 2017-present, Suzuki Flute Unit 2: August 2018-present

About Liz H.


       I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love music.  When I was five years old, I sat, mesmerized, through an entire performance of Mozart’s Magic Flute.  The gorgeous costumes, wonderful voices, and brilliant orchestra enchanted me.  I knew, then, that I wanted to “make music.”

       During my early years, I participated in music/movement programs and started piano and ballet lessons when I turned six.  During middle school, I added modern dance, and played flute, saxophone, and vibes in the school band.  In high school and college, I narrowed my studies to piano, with Cheryl Laughlin and Dr. Carleen Graff; and flute, with Aubrie Dionne.  Along the way, there have been symphonic and jazz bands, choral accompaniment, piano ensembles, and flute choirs--all of which gave me background in a variety of musical styles. 

       Several of those experiences had a tremendous impact on me.  The first was my eleven years as a camper and counselor at the Plymouth State Piano Monster Festival, a duet and ensemble camp.  Meeting composers, conductors, and talented campers encouraged me to stay involved.  Then, between my junior and senior years of high school, I had the privilege of playing flute and piccolo with the New England Ambassadors of Music on a European tour.  I’ll always remember the welcoming music lovers who came to hear the young Americans in town squares and village churches.  We learned so much about the universal power of music.  Then, in my senior year of college, I discovered a new passion during a Global Jazz course. Musical cultures fascinate me--so much to appreciate about them and the musicians who are involved.     

       During the past six years, I’ve truly enjoyed teaching piano and flute students.  Special coursework and conferences have prepared me to work with a student’s style and interests.  Good foundation skills and appealing musical selections enable students of any age to share their inner music.  Seeing wonder in students’ eyes when they succeed is so rewarding for me.

       When I’m not playing or teaching, you might find me at Zumba, knitting/crocheting walking, reading, cooking, or being entertained by our family dogs.

        I look forward to meeting you! 



            Music is a powerful part of who I am. It is a constant source of joy and creativity for me. Through it, I have been able to organize my thoughts and feelings. It is my connection to others of different cultures and abilities. Through a balanced instructional program, I want to help individual students express their personal creative connection to music. It is important for them to realize that everyone has musical ability and that learning to play an instrument will help them develop as a musician and as a human being. It is my goal that students understand the power of music across time and cultures, especially in their own lives. I want them to learn how music “works,” through planned experiences in theory, technique, and performance in a variety of genres.


  • Develop technique as the students learn to play the piano or flute with a varied repertoire through a program balanced with theory, ear training, sight-reading, transposition, artistry, and performance skills.
  • Develop life skills of listening, goal setting, scheduling, presentation, and self-evaluation.
  • Develop confidence when performing by having a strong work ethic, preparation, and opportunities for experience.
  • Develop creatively through improvisation and composition.


Teaching Obligations:

            It is the obligation of the teacher to respect the personal integrity of the student. Good piano and flute teaching sometimes involves touching of hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders in order to point out places of tension. This is always done with a teaching goal in mind and with respect for the student. 

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