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Guitar, Bass, Amplifiers & Effects

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Contemporary Jazz, Jazz Fusion / Smooth Jazz, The Blues, - Funk, Swing and Big Band


Retail Manager - N

I'm trying to find myself... if I get back before I return, please ask me to wait.

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I have been an employee of Music and Arts since 2010 and full time since 2012. I started with the company in Spartanburg, SC and after working there for almost 5 years I accepted a management position in Sterling, VA. I managed that location from July of 2015 to April of 2018 when I moved back south to North Carolina. I am now happy to say that I am the manager of the newly opened Music and Arts in Gastonia in the former Music Center location. I'm primarily a guitar player, but also sing and dabble in other instruments like harmonica and hammered dulcimer. I always love helping with anything from small goods and accessories, to big decisions like step up instruments. Come by and see me or any of the wonderful staff here Monday - Saturday!

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