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My name is Eric Stokes and I am the Educational Representative with Music & Arts for assorted parts of Eastern, Southeastern, and Central New Hampshire.

My career started as a product of a succesful public school Music Education program with dedicated, hardworking teachers just like so many here in the Granite State.  My affinity for the trumpet began when I was in the 2nd grade after witnessing a Middle School Jazz Band performing for the community at the local shopping mall.  One of the players allowed me to try and play my first note on her trumpet directly after the concert, and I have never looked back since - my decision to take part in Band in the 4th grade had been set.

Years of rehearsals, festival performances, interesting locales, and pure enjoyment of music led me to two conclusions:  The importance of Music in all of our lives, whether we consider ourselves Musicians or simply an appreciator of such, and secondly, my choice to give back and further my own abilities into college.  Along the way I gained another depth of knowledge and appreciation for my craft through performing in countless functions and venues.

After graduation in 2001 and earning my music teaching certification, an unusual opportunity to work for the local Music Store and learn the aspects of the services they provide to the Music Educators and the Parents of Music students appeared, and intrigued, I followed it, learning from an outstanding group of talented musicians therein, and just as importantly, great friends.

Since then, it is a continuing pleasure of mine to be of assistance to you, your student, your school, and your local area music teachers.  Music is truly a life skill, and I am happy to have a small part in helping give others the same opportunities that I was extremely fortunate to have myself.

Eric Stokes

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