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Teaches Guitar, Bass Guitar, Music Theory, Ukulele, Voice

teach,learn & create- imagine a triangle- three points of a self-sustaining system- teaching, continuing to learn & creating new forms of art or techniques. A cornerstone of receiving and returning what has been given- 

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Guitar, Bass Guitar, Music Theory, Ukulele, Voice


from Berklee College of Music, Los Angeles Music Academy, American Institute of Guitar

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Blues, Jazz, Metal, Rock, Folk, Classical, Funk, Pop

About Scotty


I am passionate and deeply invested in teaching music performance
and music theory. This is my life's work, and I really love what I do. I
began my journey as a musician, as a self-taught guitarist who learned by
developing my ear & listening to recordings, while also listening and
watching musicians and learning things along the way from them. I had no formal
lessons until a much later date.

Eventually, the desire to learn all I could led
me to jam sessions, open mics, blues jams, punk clubs, jazz sessions, salons,
cafes, and public libraries where I researched all I could to learn about music
theory and how the mechanics of music worked. I eventually taught myself to
read music notation. I decided after some time working as a performer and
having recorded and released music of my own, that  I needed to get a more
comprehensive education, so I studied in New York with Woody Mann and Peter
Mazza. I also studied with Mike Kennedy in Philadelphia, which eventually
led to my studies in Boston at Berklee. I gained a lot from that experience,
and entered deeper into a career in music as a performer, writer, and now also
as a teacher!

I have many years of successful teaching experience and real-world
experience from which to draw from. I have recorded, toured, and performed in the
states, and in other parts of the world. I also have experience in the
record industry, and have worked in stage management and artist management.
In order to further solidify my credentials, I also attended the Los Angeles
Music Academy on a scholarship (now known as the Los Angeles College of Music)
, where I further developed as a player, and forged life-long bonds with other
kindred spirits in this musical journey. Please contact the store and allow me to
help you reach your musical goals! I know how to de-mystify this pursuit and
break down this subject to a very easily understood approach. Let's get to the
music and have some fun!


South Austin Music & Arts 512-892-0044 Sunset Valley TX