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Frank Rein is a brass player and composer based in Philadelphia whose work spans from progressive, avant-garde chamber and improvised music in salons to earnest, entertaining dance music for crowds of revelers. Born in Princeton, New Jersey and trained at the University of the Arts, Frank plays trombone in pop and funk bands like Swift Technique, gospel groups like Ode to Omni, and with many ensembles through the Philadelphia Jazz Project. He plays baritone horn and sousaphone with the West Philadelphia Orchestra, a brass band inspired by the Balkan folk traditions of Eastern Europe, and performs original compositions with his own groups. Frank has recorded for artists including Mary J. Blige, Denzel Curry, DJ Camper, Charlie Heat and many others.
Teaching Methods:
-Fundamental techniques are necessary for effective performance: Breath support, embouchure training, tonguing accuracy, and valve/slide dexterity.
-Performing repertoire- including songs of all genres, classical solo pieces, and improvised music- will serve as a conduit to display expressive and technical prowess. Students are encouraged to share songs that they enjoy for study and practice, and to compose music deploying new techniques.
-More than anything, a focused and dedicated student will learn to appreciate the experience of practicing, and will be equipped with an "order of operations" that can streamline the process of identifying goals, deconstructing obstacles, and retaining improvements.
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