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Teaches Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele

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Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele

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George Bellas is a composer, guitarist, recording artist, and music teacher. He has released over twenty-five albums since originally being signed in the mid-nineties to the guitar-centric record label Shrapnel Records which showcases high-caliber guitar virtuoso’s.
George has been playing guitar since the age of seven and has studied and explored cutting-edge guitar performance along with classical composition since his early childhood. George is well versed in sixteenth and seventeenth century counterpoint, form, and advanced classical and modern composition techniques along with possessing highly unique guitar skills.
George has been teaching for several decades and has had the privilege to teach thousands of students around the globe through private studies, masterclasses, clinics, and online classes. George’s passion for teaching is readily apparent within the classes he conducts, as his teaching model revolves around teaching students not only literacy with music fundamentals, but also creating an environment that fosters creativity. Not only is it important for students to gain an understanding of the groundwork that has been laid by their predecessors, but perhaps more important is the nurturing of creativity so students may explore new musical ground.
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