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My name is Gregory and I've been working with Music & Arts since 2019. Musical instruments have always been one of my most significant interests, from their design aspects, to their origin, and history. I first got into rock music when I was around 13 years old, from listening to bands such as P.O.D, System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, Metalica, Linkin Park, Kyuss, and Radiohead. I received my first 5-piece drum kit as a birthday gift from my mother after months of begging, which was the beginning my, then light, passion. From years of jam sessions in the basement with my brothers, my interests expanded into guitars and other stringed instruments. A few years later, I wound up taking guitar classes in high school, where I learned the basic guitar fundamentals, from parts of the guitar, to strumming and other playing techniques. Fast forward to my college years, and I'm still a (mostly) self-taught guitarist. My passions, however, had grown to include the area of Luthiery (a luthier is a person who designs, builds, and or repairs musical instruments) where I would build my first guitar through the Individualized Studies program. The results of my first build, which consisted of a compendium of online research, Youtube videos, and shared experiences and advise from other amateur luthiers, wasn't so bad, considering I didn't have an actual mentor. Finding a mentor and becoming an accomplished luthier is still my goal, however, I still find great pleasure in being surrounded by beautiful instruments and people who share my love for the craft. 

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