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"It takes a very special kind of person to play the violin beautifully. Those who stick with it have a gift. Don't waste your gift!"~Professor Song Xie 


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Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance

Favorite Instruments

Violin of course!, Piano

Performance Experience

Professional Orchestras, Solo Gigs, Weddings, Recitals

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Teaching Experience

8 years of private teaching, Classroom teaching, group lessons

Levels Taught

Beginner, Intermediate

About Hannah

My name is Hannah Wilson, and I love sharing the art of violin playing! I have been playing for 16 years, and teaching for the past eight years. One of my biggest accomplishments in my teaching career so far, has been the ability to connect with students of varied skill levels, musical backgrounds, and age groups, to help them to reach their own personal goals and their highest potential in unique and individualized ways. The youngest student I've taught is four, and the oldest is ninety two

I am a native of small-town northern Indiana, where I began my musical training at age eight. I began teaching as a high school student, and soon discovered that I wanted to teach my whole life. I attended college at Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi, and received my BA in Violin Performance in the fall of 2017. While studying in Jackson, I maintained a thriving violin studio, and held bi-annual community recitals for my students and other developing performers in my area. 

I firmly believe that while one should strive for excellence in music, it shouldn't be at the expense of enjoyment! While I strongly encourage my students to perform on a regular basis, I do my best to make performance opportunities safe, fun, celebratory environments that give students room to learn, grow, make mistakes, and cultivate a comfort with and love for performing. 

I am classically trained, but I enjoy many other forms of music! Improve is something I enjoy, and I've gotten to play along with worship bands, Celtic groups, Klezmer bands, folk bands and various other groups. While I encourage my students towards classical technique development, I also leave room for them to pursue the music that they most connect with. 

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