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About Haywood

I have been playing saxophone since about 1980. I earned a BA in Music

from the University of Virginia studying a largely Western-based (Classical)

curriculum, however, I applied this to all the other music I love to include

jazz, pop, rock, country, blues and soul! Today I play these genres semiprofessionally



the Lone Rangers, ACME Swing Mfg. Co., Mami Gato,

5th and Dice

, and Big Talk. Off the bandstand, I continue to study by

attending workshops and clinics like Maryland Summer Jazz and by taking

online classes at the Berklee School of Music. My pursuit of musical

knowledge also extends to the most influential music educators/performers/

writers to include Hal Galper, Victor Wooten, Jerry Bergonzi, and Mark


Since I am still myself a student, I am convinced my ability to relate stands

my students in good stead in finding their own musical identity and

achieving their own unique goals. Learning and teaching music is my

passion, as it never disappoints in offering perspective on life. The

expectations I have of my students is that they have fun and they try

(participate). These two components


always results in them learning

something even feeling successful -- and success is fun!

In addition to general music lessons (technique) I can offer services and

instruction on technologies that aid learning and performance. Programs

like Band-In-A-Box, iRealB, Garage Band, and UnReal Book are invaluable

tools for all musicians. In addition, I can offer insight on appropriate playing

opportunities in the Charlottesville area, forming a band, running a small

PA and having successful gigs.

Charlottesville Music & Arts 434-973-2805 Charlottesville VA