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About Helen Martin

  Helen Martin brings a creative, structured approach to her teaching. Designed to build on the student’s aural experience, it emphasizes musicianship as a foundation for performance. Just as we speak before we read, her students learn to connect the expressive, responsive aspects of music to a secure understanding of notation.
Trained to teach in London, Martin draws on her European experience to offer viable class and ensemble opportunities. Since opening her Easton studio in 2000 her students have performed works by Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Bartok and Shostakovich.
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She knows how to structure her material and when to change pace.  Needless to say her students respond, progress, and look forward to performing. 
                  Gregory Cole, Bach Choir Member

Being able to jump right into a few basic concepts and produce proper pitches within minutes of picking up the violin made my whole weekend!
                  Jesse Kendra, Lafayette College ’15

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