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I also like Kansas, TesseracT, Bon Jovi, Journey

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guitar and piano, Lead vocals

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Piano, Voice

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Beginner, Intermediate

About Hillary

Hello! My name is Hillary, and I am a piano and vocal teacher for Music and Arts. Music has been a part of my life since I was a kid, and it has impacted me greatly! Because of this, I chose music as my major in college, and I graduated two years ago with a degree in Music and Worship Arts (emphasis on vocals). 

Vocally, I am a classical soprano, and I have performed both in choirs and as a soloist. Because of this, I am proficient in both melody and harmony. However, vocals are not my only area of expertise. I also have been playing piano classically for over sixteen years! Because of this, I am able to sight-read music, and I have also developed a love for music theory in the process. In addition to my vocal and piano skills, I also am an experienced guitar performer. I have studied guitar for about nine years, and I have performed with a traveling worship band on electric guitar in various venues across the country for two years. I love performing on stage as a result, and I truly believe in the power of performing with an instrument along with playing it proficiently! This is a concept and skill that I will be incorporating into every one of my lessons. 

I have taught for over a year, and because of this I have developed a philosophy of teaching. My main goal in teaching music lessons is to share my love and passion for music with everyone I encounter! However, I also believe that the only way to truly enjoy and excel in a preferred instrument (whether that is one specific instrument or many different ones), is to learn proper technique. This includes but is not limited to practice technique, the exploration of music theory, and learning proper musicality and style. 

Teaching and music are two of my passions in life, and I am very excited for this opportunity!

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