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B.A. Film Studies with a Minor in Music - Quinnipiac University

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Bass Guitar, Drums, Pro Audio


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Senior Sales Associate

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Hello, my name is Ian Eckstein and I am a born and raised native of Livingston, NJ. My first experience with music was when I was gifted a toy electric guitar as a child. Although I had no technical training, I began to use it to try and replicate the songs I heard on my favorite cartoons.

From there, I took up the trombone in the 4th grade. During those lessons, I always noticed an old upright Bass in the corner of the music room, and like a magnet I was drawn to it. I began taking bass guitar lessons at this very location, and I fell in love with the bass. From 2004 to 2008 I harnessed my skills playing in the Andy’s Family Music Center’s rock band program of placing likeminded kids into groups to play in bands. This was my first experience playing with other musicians.

After my adolescent experiences, I began to work on creating original music.  In 2009 I released a metal album with the band Hey Lovey Dovey and in 2017 I released a Hip Hop fusion album with The_Company.

In college, I was a member of the Quinnipiac Jazz ensemble playing the Bass Guitar. With a few friends from the ensemble, I won the university wide Battle of the Bands competition in 2016. I also composed the score for my senior thesis short film, Crown Shyness.

Today, I play the Bass Guitar, Piano, Guitar, and my new obsession: the drums. Music has always given me an outlet for all of my impulses.  Some people have seen my jittery tapping as a nuisance however, if I suppressed all of the rhythms and melodies I hear and feel in my head and body I would surely explode. Music allows me to be me.


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