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Retail Manager - N

About Me

 I’m a native of Las Vegas, and I’ve worked in the music industry for the better part of 25 years. 
        I started as a stock person/cashier at a music store in Las Vegas and worked my way up to store manager and lesson administrator. My specialty was print and music research but as I grew in the position; my knowledge and responsibilities grew as well. I have ventured into piano, guitar and flute but still a beginner player.
        During this time I completed my bachelors in business administration from UNLV to bring more value to the store and customers. When the recession hit, the store closed in 2012 and I left the music industry for a few years. Shortly after, I started volunteering with a music related non-profit and started my masters degree in Non-Profit Administration at UNLV.
        Fast forward to today and I completed the masters program, and now utilizing my experience in an industry that I have a great passion and plan to stay for many years to come.

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