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Jim Orr

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"Music has charms to sooth a savage breast, to soften rocks, or to bend a knotted oak.  I've read that things inanimate have moved, and, as with living souls, have been informed by magic numbers and persuasive sound."

- William Congreve

About Me

Hello my name is Jim and I am a musiholic.  I remember as a youngin’ watching my dad play gigs with his friends and I wanted to make people happy just like he did.  I started to play the violin in grade school and soon moved to the viola, then cello, and eventually bass.  I am always ready for the opportunity to add another instrument to my repertoire.

When I became a teenager I remember picking up my father’s guitar while he was taking a nap and learning to play from some sheet music he had.  Needless to say he was a little mad when he woke up but I showed him what I had learned and he was very impressed and proud.  The smile on his face was enough to let me know that my purpose in life was to share music with everyone I could.

I started many garage bands in high school, much to my mothers chagrin, and my collection of instruments began.  I decided to help as many people as I could share in the joy I had found by working with kids who wanted to get started with their musical career.  Without the support of my mother and father to my musical career I would not be where I am today.

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