Senior Sales Associate
Joined in
Current Band(s)/Gig(s)

Central Florida Community Arts Orchestra, Central Florida Community Arts Jazz Band


Bachelors from UCF


Woodwinds, Saxophones

Favorite Bands

Linkin Park, Solliloquist Of Sound, Hanz Zimmer, John Powell

Favorite Instruments

Saxophones, French Horn

Musical Interests

Jazz, Movie Scores


Senior Sales Associate

About Me

I've always been interested in music.  I use to tinker around with the piano and any other instrument I could get my hands on.  My family had a musical background, and so it was natural for me.  I was super interested in playing an instrument in school so I started with sax in 6th grade at Rock Lake MS.  I continuted to play through High School joining the marching and symphonic bands.  After high school I joine the UCF Marching Knights and played Tenor Sax.  I am currently play lead Alto Sax in the CFC Arts Jazz Band.

I'm a people person.  I love to be around other musicians and talk to them about gear and their experiences.  I love being able to help up and coming musicians find their voice.  Feel free to email if you have any questions, or you can come and see me at the store!      

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