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About Jean

My Musical Education Background

     My Music Degree is from the College of Notre Dame University in Baltimore, Md.   I have continued my piano studies throughout the years with notable professors.  I attend piano teaching workshops on a regular basis to stay up-to-date with new teaching materials.

Genres and Subjects Taught

     My students are taught a complete knowledge of music theory.  The fundamentals of scales, chord structures, arpeggios etc. are taught in each lesson.  Musical technique develops with these fundamentals.  I teach students a variety of music genres depending on the age and musical development of each student.  As students progress, they will be studying a variety of music styles such as Jazz, Contemporary, Baroque, Classical , Romantic, Modern and if students request, hymn playing technics are also taught.

My Certifications and Awards

     I have a Masters Degree in Music Education and           I'm Certified in English 

My Musical Influences

     I have studied with many wonderful piano                   professors over the years.

     Duke Thompson (Maryland Music Conservatory)

     Ernest Ragogini (Notre Dame University)

     Jane Tan  (Towson University) Composer of                 teaching repetoire and teacher techniques for             teaching

     Virginia Reinecke (Loyola University)

     Fredrick Petrick (Peabody Conservatory)

     I cannot fail to give credit to Mrs. Marie Heck my        first music instructor who inspired me with her            gentle manner and her love of teaching.


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