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Teaches Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Theory

Enter quote...Make your guitar your best friend!! 

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Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Theory

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* The Beatles, Pink Floyd, - Bob Dylan

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12 string guitar

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Solo Artist, worship/music leader

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Folk, Classic Rock

About Jeffrey

I’ve spent 47 years teaching all ages of students to play the guitar. I‘ve worked in music stores all over the greater Ytown, Boardman, and Canfield areas.  In addition to teaching, I’ve played in numerous bands and currently work solo gigs in the area as well as perform in a four piece band in area venues. 

My history as a guitar player has led me down many paths of music. I began my guitar career playing in an Christian folk group in 1969. I’ve kept my hand in that genre and have been a worship/music director in Churches, and still currently do several gigs a months in area churches that call me to perform. 

During my many years of teaching, I’ve found that most people, be they kids or adults, can play the guitar given patient instruction and material to practice that they find stimulating and interesting. I keep my mood light and fun, and encourage my students to “make the guitar their best friend.”  It has certainly been mine.

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