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My name is Jesse and I’ve been working at Music and Arts since the start of 2015.  My love for music began at young age when my parents would play their favorite tunes from their youth.  Primarily Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and other classic rock gems.  The first instrument I began learning to play was the organ.  I played in church and recitals pretty frequently.  When my teenage years began I started playing guitar.  I would lock myself in my room and learn as many songs as I could, with no formal training.  After I moved to North Carolina I noticed an abundance of great guitar players looking for people to play bass, so I shifted my interests once again.  I currently play in a nationally touring band called The Dirty South Revolutionaries.  I love talking about any type of music, and seek to encourage others to follow the rewarding path of learning any type of instrument from any genre of music. 

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