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African American and Samoan pianist Jessica Evotia Andrews-Hall has performed to a wide acclaim from audiences around the world. As a young performer, Jessica has already distinguished herself as a vital force in the classical community. Coming from a musical family, Jessica’s legacy is profoundly felt when she plays. Her musicianship possesses a depth that can usually only be conquered through a lifetime’s worth of experience.
Jessica knew that she would be a pianist from the moment she struck her first notes at the age of four. As a child, Jessica sought out to distinguish herself as a respectable artist. She realized that she would need to be in an environment that would nurture her growth as a pianist. At the age of 10, Jessica began competing in her hometown of Seattle Washington where she was recognized for her dedication and hard work. Jessica quickly made a name for herself in Seattle and stood out amongst her peers. By the age of 13, Jessica was the winner of the Pacific Northwest School of Music Concerto Competition, The Seattle Young Artist Solo and Concerto Competition, and the Performing Arts Festival of the Eastside. From 1995 to 1999, Jessica was the local gold medalist for the NAACP ACT- SO Competition where she became the national silver medalist while being a freshman in high school. At seventeen, Jessica represented the United States in Adelaide, Australia at the Eighth Annual Pan Pacific Suzuki Conference. In addition, Jessica has been featured on live radio and television broadcasts on Seattle’s Classic KING FM, KUBE FM, KEXP FM and the winner of television broadcast “Make It Big Talent Search Competition”. In 1999, she became a member of the Bethune Cookman University Concert Chorale under the direction of Dr. Rebecca Walker Steele.  The exposure led to her 2000 performance in Washington DC for past United Sates president Bill Clinton. In 2001, she was overall winner of the Fifth Annual Stetson University Piano Weekend Competition in Deland, Florida. 
Jessica blossomed at Cornish College of the Arts while pursuing a Bachelor in Music with a concentration in Classical Piano Performance. Under the guidance of virtuoso Dr. Peter Mack, Michi Hirata North and Dr. Murray North, Jessica made a significant contribution to the Cornish music community as a leader and role model. In the midst of her academic studies, Jessica performed regularly as a soloist and chamber artist for master classes, concerts and competitions. Since 2005, Jessica has been the pianist for Trio Fluelliano. Each member being equally gifted as the next, composers are drawn to the energy and chemistry. The trio has debuted compositions which have been featured on the radio and a video documentary for a visual artist. In 2006, Trio Fluelliano became the winner of the WSMTNA (Washington State Music Teachers National Association) Chamber Competition and regional finalist in Pocatello, Idaho. In 2008, Jessica opened her piano studio where she has taught hundreds of students in Seattle. Because of her unique approach to teaching, she has been asked to guest teach in Seoul, South Korea and Nagoya, Japan. In 2011, she became a Seattle Symphony Teaching Artist and curriculum developer where she teaches courses, workshops and residences. Recently, she was featured in a traveling museum exhibit called Treemonisha: Celebrating African Americans in Classical Music.
At a rapid rate, Jessica is emerging onto the Classical scene as a pianist, teacher, adjudicator and mentor. She has taken an interest in the promotion of African descent and women composers through the performance of their works. Jessica’s life is fueled and driven by music. She expresses her life experiences and adventures through her work as a performing artist. The piano is a weapon used to express her true emotions.
Jessica gives private instruction at Music & Arts in Kent, Washington on Tuesdays & Wednesdays!

Students with Jessica enjoy complimentary seattle Symphony Concert tickets & opportunities to perofm on stages like Benaroya hall for their recital!
Here is what one of her current students has to say:

When my son expressed a desire to learn how to play the piano I was a little trepidatious. He was venturing into an area I did not know how to help him study or succeed. I was also concerned about his ability to learn, as he is a wiggly child with a short attention span.


Enter Miss Jessica Andrews. I’m sure I was *that* parent at our first lesson…trying to get him to sit still and pay attention. She gently helped me understand that it is ok for him to move…to be himself…as he will probably learn better. I could quickly see she was a very patient instructor who understood my son and what he needed; He was in safe hands. I politely excused myself from the practice room to let him learn.


That was in October 2016. Words fail me to express what Miss Jessica has given my son. She unlocked his inherent talent and has opened new doors for him. I’ve learned that while I had the preconceived notion he should be practicing 30 minutes a day that was too much for him. Practicing each piece 5 times a day, 4-5 times a week was acceptable. Much to my surprise, in six weeks he MEMORIZED two nursery rhymes. One day, he arrived early for his lesson and heard Miss Jessica practicing. He was inspired by what he heard and wanted to be able to play like her someday. This made it much easier to encourage him to practice longer.


The confidence he has gained in his lessons has flourished in other areas of his life. We saw a 100-point jump in his standardized reading test. His ability to comprehend fractions and math concepts were expedited and he WANTS to learn. I attribute this to him finding an area he could succeed and build the confidence to tackle other area that required practice and perseverance.


Regardless of where his musical talents take him, I will always have a deep appreciation for Miss Jessica and the invaluable gifts she has given him and our family.

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