Senior Sales Associate
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high school, college

Favorite Bands

Interpol, Pharoah Sanders, Hozier, George Clanton, Nirvana, Alice in Chains

Favorite Instruments

guitar, piano, ukulele


Senior Sales Associate

About Me

Hey everyone! My name is Jessie, and I'm a Senior Sales Associate here at the Rockville Music & Arts.
I've played piano since I was six years old, as well as guitar and vocals. In fact, I took lessons here 10 years ago with an instructor who still teaches at this location. Working here now, I've only become more and more passionate about studying what makes music great and what helps everyone find their unique style. 
I believe that finding the right instrument, the right teacher, and the right equipment can take you from a music fan to a musician yourself. Come talk to me if you want to find out what will improve your playing, what equipment will advance your sound, or just where you should start! All levels of expertise are welcome here.

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