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Hey everyone! My name is Jocelyne and I've been a violinist for a little over 9 years now. It all began with the typical little sister role of copying everything the big sister does. When I was younger I would watch my sister practice and sometimes play with her violin when she wasn't looking; this really motivated me to invest some time learning how to play. I've been very active in participating in the orchestra of every school that I attended within our community, and I would be more than happy to share my experience and help you successfully pick out anything needed for school. Although playing the  violin made me lean towards the classical side of music, I am no stranger to anything modern and funky! If there are any questions regarding lessons or simply finding a perfect match for you (regarding instruments, this isn't some dating site) I would be absolutely more than excited to help you. Namaste! 
PS. I'm also an expert on playing the recorder, you haven't heard heaven until you've heard my hot cross buns on a Yamaha Recorder.  

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