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John Rodriguez


Teaches Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele

Use what you are naturally good at, be super economical with your hands to avoid hand injuries, be inspired by other players from any style, learn to write and play similar to those styles, but also spend time writing youre own material.

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Current Projects

two hand chord tapping and legato technique


2 years of highschool jazz and classical and theory and 2 years of college jazz and classical and theory

Musical Interests

funk, classical, jazz, metal

Favorite Bands

shawn lane, johnny highland, dokken, lynch mob, Paco de Lucia, j.s. bach, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Buckethead, and Iron Maiden

Performance Experience

10 years of classical and flemanco performance, 15 years of live electric guitar performance

Areas of Instruction

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele

Teaching Experience

10 years of teaching, all ages, all styles

Levels Taught


Specialties / Genres Taught

classical and flemanco styles, funk and blues, metal and fusion, tapping and legato specialist, sweep picking specialist, fingerpicking specialist, beginner specialist

About John Rodriguez



My name is John. I studied classical, jazz, and music theory in high school, and two years at Pima college. I have been teaching for ten years. I enjoy teaching childrens guitar, making it fun and playful while building skill at the same time. I teach all style of guitar. Bass and Ukulele as well, along with music theory.

I like to record awesome jams with students and burn them to cd, to show their recordings to peers, or use them to measure progress or both. I like using drums as well to teach guitar players timing and to simulate playing in a real life setting. I use lots of fun musical games as well to help make timing and theory more fun and easy. Just want to play cover tunes from the radio or youtube? No problem, I do that a lot too!


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