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Some 60 years ago, along the banks of the muddy Texas Panhandle-spawned Red River, which cuts across Louisiana and runs tributary to the mighty Mississippi, a princely babe was found floating Moses-like in a tiny bitumen-sealed bulrush basket… o’ course that wasn’t myself.  Me? I was born a few miles away in Shreveport, Louisiana’s Willis-Knighton Hospital and dubbed Jon (after my uncle) Dorian (because it carried some manly meanings) Brown (inherited).  My parents knew neither the novel, nor the mode, but God has His humorous side, and here I am a musician.  I’ve even played movements from the Water Music (the Thames is muddy too).  Studied architecture and music theory and composition at LSU and completed a Comp Master’s at UNC-CH, where I met and married my flutist / software developer wife Nancy.


With three grown daughters whose names alliterate with R, in age I am the seniormost - but in retail, the youngest - member of the M & A sales staff.  But I come with considerable experience in performance, with French Horn as college major instrument, college study of piano, harp and cello, rudimentary study of the woodwinds, personal pursuit of guitar (numerous years playing and singing in Christian worship contexts), electric bass (many more years of rock and jazz band appointments), the recorder family, tin whistle, and cajon, and served almost 30 years as a church choral director, now persisting as a tenor with the Oratorio Society of Virginia and free-lance amateur cellist.  I also studied instrument repair in Western Iowa Tech and served Charlottesville musicians for 12 years as a brass/woodwind/student strings repair technician.  So while I’m learning the breadth of Music & Arts’ manifold services and how to administer them effectively, I can offer a wide range of ways to serve the musical needs of you and your families.  An’ I’m itchin’ to:  Come on in.


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