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Cameron Weckerley


Teaches Jazz Improvisation, Piano, Music Theory

Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend. Ludwig van Beethoven 

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Current Projects

Straight ahead project with local guitarist, Composing and producing symphonic metal

Levels Taught



BME Music Education

Favorite Instruments

Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums

Musical Interests

music production, Music Composition, I'm interested in everything from recording and mixing

Areas of Instruction

Jazz Improvisation, Piano, Music Theory

Favorite Bands

Dream Theater, Epica, Nightwish, Chick Corea Elektric Band, Miles Davis

Performance Experience

1984-1986 Toured with Funk Band The Press, 1986-1989 Toured with Funk Band AfterShock, 1984-2008 Regular Member of Cal-State Jazz Ensemble, 1992-1995 Toured Central Michigan with straight ahead jazz group Straight No Chaser

About Cameron Weckerley

I’ve been offering comprehensive and affordable private lessons in California since the 1990s and just recently in Kansas.  Over my thirty year career as a music educator, both in the public and private sector,  I have seen a sea of change in interests, attitudes, and policy in music education.  As a lifelong learner and someone who is active in the industry I am exposed to and try to keep my finger on the pulse of what the current trends are in music education and music in general.  Many students who come in already have an idea of what their "happy place" in music would be.  It is my job to draw that out and nurture it without abandonding the fundamentals. 

Want to learn how to jam to the blues or maybe one of your favorite songs on Garage Band?

 No problem!


Are you and adult learner who is just coming back to the instrument and feel embarrassed?

Don't be.


Got a youngster who is interested in music, but you think might be a little too active.

No Problem...I spent 20 years in elementary and secondary schools in very tough urban schools, I can deal with it.


Would you like to learn how to improvise, but get paralyzed looking at all those notes and not knowing how or being afraid to start?

Problem solved, I spent my time at UCLA studying with the great pianist and improvisation instructor Kenny Werner...I can help.


Are you an accomplished classical musicians who can't break away from the notes on the page?

No worries, I have been able to help many, many students with this exact issue.


Being of service and helping people define and acheive their musical goals is my passion in life.  All student have different learning styles and my job is to help you find that path.  Nothing makes me happier.

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