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Music Teacher, Expert

"The whole idea of technic then is to achieve a position through conscious effort, where one may dispense with conscious effort." - Max Pauer

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Originally from Statesville, NC, I moved to Columbia in 2015 to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Music from Columbia International University. I started playing guitar and bass when I was fifteen and was largely self-taught until I began taking lessons in classical guitar with Dr. Rod Lewis. Ever since I started playing, I have enjoyed sharing my passion and knowledge of music with anyone who will receive it. Having been a worship director for over a quarter of my life, and playing on worship teams for over thirteen years, most of my experience in teaching and playing comes from the bands I’ve worked with. From training fellow band members on how to grow with their instruments, to taking on church member’s kids as students for a season, I’ve been teaching on and off for about 10 years now.

My goal as an instructor is to give each of my students a solid foundation in not only their instrument, but in music theory as well. I want to equip each student with the tools necessary to continue growing as a musician for years after they’ve left my studio.

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