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Jordan Pasquin


Teaches Drum Set, Percussion, Music Theory, Jazz Improvisation

"For me, music is a spiritual practice. It centers my mind and forces me to step outside of reality for a brief moment. I’m happiest when I’m sitting on my throne; caught up in my own little world."

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College - bachelors degree in drumset performance from Berklee College of Music

Areas of Instruction

Drum Set, Percussion, Music Theory, Jazz Improvisation

Levels Taught

All, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

About Jordan Pasquin

Jordan has experience performing and recording in a wide array of musical styles. Jordan believes that musicians should understand the similarities and differences between genres. “I strive to give my drum students the resources to develop their unique musical voice.” His lessons also focus on the importance of listening and communicating while playing drums. “It’s important that drummers understand how to manipulate their playing to best suit their acoustic environment.” He also hopes to explain the ways that drumming can be a healthy practice, both mentally and physically.


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