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Guitar, Pro Audio, Technology, Books, Sheet Music & Media, Accessories, Folk & Traditional Instruments, Amplifiers & Effects

Specialties / Genres Taught

Metal, Punk, Folk, Metalcore, Mathcore, Blues, Acoustic, Drum and Bass, Electronica

Musical Interests

Math metal, Hardcore Punk, Folk, Metalcore, Blues, Drum and Bass

Favorite Instruments

Guitar, my computer

Favorite Bands

Every Time I Die, Botch, bring me the horizon, The Tallest Man on Earth, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Fleet Foxes, After the Burial, The Offspring, The White Stripes, Neutral Milk Hotel


Senior Sales Associate

About Me

Hello! My name is Jordan. Ive been with Music&Arts in Kent since early 2015.

My guitar and my computer are my main instuments. Ive been playing guitar for 8 years and have been doing audio engineering/production for 6 years.

Metal, punk, and folk are my main influences when it comes to music. Im in the begining of a Mathcore/Sludge band right now. I also have a solo Folk/Punk project.

Always happy to talk about music and help people get the most out of their sound.

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