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About Joe Baglia

Growing up in a musical family, Joe has studied piano as a child for years before falling in love with jazz music and drums when he got older. In high school he studied Jazz theory, played in Honors and All Catholic band while playing with different local artists in the Philadelphia area eventually branching out to the Atlantic City area. Since then, he has been exosed to a wide array of genres and playing styles such as Latin music, Reggae/Island, R&B, Funk, Rock, and more- having the opportunity to play with the likes of Danie Ocean, Nancy Malcun, and Jaguar Wright to name a few. 

Joe can teach just about any level, style or genre. He strives in focusing on the individuals talents while drawing out what inspires them musically to help them reach their full potential on drums. Some of the best teachers that he has had always focused on what he wanted to learn while presenting a new challenge. Joe believes anyone can learn, and anyone can especially LEARN to learn! Music is fun!  

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