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Hello!  My name is Josh Mandel and I'm the store manager here at the Mamaroneck NY location of Music & Arts!  We are one of two stores here in Westchester County.


I have been with Music & Arts since June of 2019 and have found it to be very welcoming and look to make sure our customers feel at home coming to our store.


I'm a classically trained tuba player and am an active performer with a variety of emsembles. I also play some jazz though that is a work in progress. Many of the concerts are local so through those performances, I hope to share the joys of live music with people I come to know though Music & Arts as well as the community as a whole.


I've been in the music industry for over 25 years with my expertise being in the Band, Orchestral and Print Music though my knowledge certainly extends beyond that. I have extensive experience in the world of brass and my familiarity with woodwind & string instruments has been helpful to many customers during my career. I have had the pleasure in sharing information with many clients over the years. I do enjoy helping our customers and am glad to chat about most things musical!


Whether you're looking to buy a musical instrument, get info on a rental, drop off a repair or simply stopping by for some strings, please do come by & visit us and see our beautiful store and meet the friendly and engaging staff here at the musical one stop shop here in Mamaroneck!!

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