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I can often times be found doing session work for other bands/studios or out on the road as a gun for hire, Josh Kuhn Music


Guitar, Bass, Keyboards & MIDI, Pro Audio, Amplifiers & Effects, Technology, Drums & Percussion

Favorite Bands

August Burns Red, Miss May I, Wage War, After The Burial, Periphery, Animals As Leaders, Chon, Polyphia, Monument Of A Memory, Prevailer, Embodied By Ghosts, Invent Animate, TheWarWithin

Favorite Instruments

Ibanez Guitars and Basses, Legator Guitars, Guitars- ESP LTD

Musical Interests

Metal, Progressive Metal, Metalcore, Jazz, Rock, Classical

Specialties / Genres Taught

Metal, Rock

Joshua Kuhn

Senior Sales Associate

Stop taking yourself out of oppertunities because you don't feel that you are "ready" yet.  Its time to jump.  You are ready now.

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