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About Justin

Hello! I am Justin T. Wilson, an avid singer, teacher, and performer. I am a life-long student of music and singing, an active performer and teacher of students at all levels, and I fully embrace the potential singer within everyone. With diligent practice and careful study, anyone can learn, develop, and master the skills needed to sing well.

In my studio, there is no such thing as “failure”. When you make mistakes (and you will!), you are simply learning what you need to work on to improve. Together, we will engage in an exciting process of exploration and discovery in an open-minded, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment. You will work on age- and experience-appropriate vocalises (exercises), musicianship, body awareness, performance skills, and repertoire.

When it comes to singing, attitude is everything. Cultivate a mindset of excellence, patience, and joy. Just because something is difficult today, or seems out of reach today, or is incorrect today, doesn’t mean that it will remain difficult or out of reach or incorrect forever. The best singing takes time to learn. And it can be a lot of fun along the way.

We all are on a unique, life-long journey of discovering what our voices do best. Some voices are suited for opera, others for musical theater, and still others for popular music. No matter what it is that your voice does best, you will find a home in my studio. I am well-versed in a variety of musical genres and am ready to meet you where you are, and I will help you to grow into the best singer and performer you can become.

Join me! Let’s have some fun.

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