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University of Denver, Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance

Current Band(s)/Gig(s)

Arapahoe Philharmonic


Woodwinds, Flutes & Piccolos, Clarinets, Saxophones

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Beginner, Intermediate

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Retail Manager - N

About Me

Kassandra Lopez is a Denver based flutist, originally from Texas, that recently graduated from the University of Denver with her Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance. Kass is an active musician in the area. She is currently playing with Arapahoe Philharmonic in their flute section as well as an active gigging musician in a guitar/flute duet. She is working on starting a modern flute and trumpet duo with her partner where they work with composers to create new music. Working with new chamber music is one of her greatest joys. She loves listening to jazz and classical music, which she frequently plays in the store! Currently, she is learning how to jazz so any and all tips to a classically trained player are appreciated! She is also working on teaching herself saxophone and clarinet to eventually become a doubler for her future. She will be pursuing a Master's of Music in flute performance degree in the fall and is very excited.


Come hang out in the store and tell her about favorite albums you're listening to or to just chat music!

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