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Hello! My name is Kayla and I've played the violin for 13 years. I began playing the summer before my fifth grade year and continued throughout high school. I've always been musically inclined and picked up the instrument fairly quick compared to the other students. I wanted to learn the Cello; however, a Cello was too big and costly for me at the time. Luckily, a family friend donated their used violin to me, as we probably would not have been able to afford that either. I was concert master for Salem High School from my Sophmore to Senior year. I did not pursue music in College, but continued to practice until I joined the Army. You can't exactly bring a fragile violin to Basic Combat Training, not with bags flying everywhere and having to drop down every ten seconds for the first week couple of weeks there. Now, I'm here working with Music & Arts. I don't practice nearly as much as I need to, but now that I'm here I'm absolutely sure I'll have the opportunity to, as well as learn how to play the Cello like I've always wanted!

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