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Kevin Frost


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Guitar, Music Theory

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Jazz, Blues, Metal, Classic Rock

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From a young age, I was enamored with the power of the electric guitar. I would watch guitarists rip solos and in my young mind, lightning would be spewing from their finger tips. My young eyes bulging with enthusiasm as players like Friedman, Skolnick, and Rhoads waylaid an unrelenting assault of fire from the glorious necks of their instrument. Crushing riffs, blistering solos, ballads, blues, and the labored sound of amplifiers at full volume; I loved it all.

I undertook learning the guitar 25 years ago and to this day I'm still in love with the power of it. I've had a couple of good teachers along the way and a couple great teachers too. Each one, giving me something to take with me on my journey. In the early days, I was a little too shy to admit my inkling towards jazz and In the quiet days of one early thusday guitar session, I confided in my instructor an idea that had been growing. From there, an intense onslaught of jazz theory and analysis commenced.
I learned to share my passion of the instrument with up-and-coming players and hone my craft along the way. I love song and solo analysis but also I have a fondness for sight reading. Music theory topics are not off the table and are used to explain why concepts and ideas "work." During isntruction, it is necessary to encourage the student to pull from sources they love, but also to find their own voice in the process. I'm also slightly obsessed with extended range guitars. And pedals. And cats and dogs.
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