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Kevin Pons


Teaches Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar, Theory

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Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar, Theory

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Alexandria - Available Days: Friday

Oakton - Available Days: Monday, Wednesday & Sunday


I'm a James Madison University grad ('11) with a B.M. in Music Industry with an emphasis in Classical Guitar. I've been playing guitar for over 15 years (informally for longer) and have been teaching group classes and private lessons for 9 years; over 4 years at Music & Arts. I teach electric/acoustic/classical/air guitar, electric bass, music theory, songwriting, music production, and DJ'ing. I've played in rock, punk. metal, and jazz bands, classical ensembles, and have DJ'ed in clubs many times. I love all styles of music and I love to hear new material. I'm not currently in any bands, but I like to produce electronic music (check out and play open mic nights from time to time. I'm originally from Avignon, France, and speak fluent french.

Oakton Music & Arts 703-281-0400 Oakton VA