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Kevin Stucker

Retail Manager - N

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My name is Kevin Stucker, and I am the manager here in the Wilmington, DE location. I was born & raised in the local area, and I have been working for Music & Arts since February of 2017 when I started as a senior Sales Associate. I was promoted to manager of the store in June of 2019, and I am very excited to share my love of music with the community.

 My affinity for music started at a very young age and some of my earliest memories are of my dad playing tenor sax & drums, and being drawn magnetically toward music of all kinds. I have been an avid musician since I was in the third grade and I continue to be a part of the music scene in the Wilmington area. My musical endeavors began with a short stint on alto sax, followed by 5 years of tuba in school band. I am an advocate of music education for all ages, and I am dedicated to providing grade A customer service to the diverse musical customers that I am privileged to service in my position here at M&A.

  After a long hiatus from music, I discovered guitar, and it led me down a path to rediscover music altogether. It was, and still is, the instrument I wanted to play all along. My mission here at Music & Arts is to help the aspiring musician find that very path, and to provide the seasoned musician with what is needed to continue their musical journey. If you have any musical questions feel free to reach out to me at or call me at the store 302-633-0600. I look forward to working with you.

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